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Pifemaster Productions currently has over 40,000 songs on hand at every event

Not all weddings are the same. Musical tastes can vary tremendously from event to event. Because of this, Pifemaster Productions currently brings over 40,000 songs to every event we DJ. We add approximately 250 new titles each and every month as the record labels ship out their current releases. So you can be assured we will have the music you and your guests want to hear.

Feel free to search our online music database. Every song you see listed here WILL be at your event.


Notes when searching our database:

  • Artists are listed by first name then last. For example our database contains “John Lennon” NOT “Lennon, John”.
  • Do not include the word “The” prior to a groups name. For example “The Four Tops” are listed as “Four Tops”.
  • Once the results of a search are displayed, you can click on an individual result to view song lyrics and additional information regarding that particular title.
  • This online database is only updated a few times each year. The latest hits may not appear in this database, but rest assured that we have them on hand.

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