Up-lighting Rentals in Pittsburgh

Up-lighting can make a dramatic difference at your wedding

Up-lighting can be the perfect accent to your wedding celebration. Imagine the reaction of your guests when they enter your reception hall and are fully engulfed in a world of brilliant color. Up-lighting is without a doubt the single most visually powerful lighting technique available today. So, what exactly is up-lighting and how can it add ambiance to your wedding? Well that’s a great question! Let’s take a look.

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Up-lighting Rentals in Pittsburgh

Up-lighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background by literally flooding your event space with colored light. You can turn an ordinary banquet hall into a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space.

LED Up-lights are a series of small unobtrusive lights that are placed around the outer perimeter of your banquet room. These lights are pointed towards the ceiling and provide an elegant glow that truly encompasses your banquet facility.

At Pifemaster Productions, all of our LED up-lighting fixtures are controlled wirelessly using specialized computer lighting hardware & software. This provides several key advantages:

  • Our up-lights have the ability to instantly change to almost any color. This gives us total creative control over how the lighting enhances and blends with your wedding theme and venue architecture.
  • We have limitless control over light intensity allowing us to create soft romantic settings that are nothing short of amazing.
  • Our clients can choose a static color that is used during cocktails and dinner and then once the dancing starts, our up-lights make the room come alive by transforming into a color light show.

Our powerful state-of-the-art, wireless up-lights are small, safe and cool to the touch. The compact size of our fixtures, combined with their clean and elegant appearance, allow our lighting designs to be integrated into any wedding theme and venue without fear of altering the finished refined look that you envisioned for your wedding day.

We invite you to contact us for more information regarding our up-lighting rental services. We would love the opportunity to show you how our expertise and industry leading technology can come together to create breathtaking results.

Up-lighting at Weddings in Pittsburgh

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