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What makes our up-lighting better than the competition

Now that almost every DJ seems to be offering up-lighting rentals, it can be confusing when trying to decide who to trust for your lighting needs. Some DJs and banquet halls are now offering inexpensive, or even complimentary up-lighting. However, not all uplighting is the same! Here are a few questions you will want to ask before making your decision.

Do you use LED up-lights, or par cans with conventional spotlight bulbs?

Par cans with spotlight bulbs get very hot and can cause serious burns if touched, even for just an instant. Par cans also consume a lot of electricity, so they must be placed near electrical outlets.
At Pifemaster Productions, all of our up-lights utilize LED diodes and are cool to the touch.

Are your fixtures controlled wirelessly using DMX software?

Many cheaper companies will allow you to choose a color and then each fixture is individually set to that color. The fixtures are placed around the room and the color will never change throughout the evening. Using DMX software allows the up-lighting fixtures to be controlled at will. Once dancing starts, your up-lighting fixtures can provide a wonderful color light show using custom designed fades and color patterns. Cheaper fixtures will require a control wire that runs between each fixture. Better fixture will have built in wireless capabilities.
At Pifemaster Productions, all of our up-lights are controlled using wireless DMX software.

What are the available color options?

Older par can style up-lights require the use of a color gel that is placed in front of the spotlight. The color options are very limited and most rental companies only stock 8-10 different colors. Newer LED fixtures typically operate on an RGB color pallet (R=Red G=Green B=Blue). A standard RGB color pallet offers 16,777,216 color variations. A few high-end manufactures now offer W=White and A=Amber diodes in addition to the RGB Diodes. These additional diodes produce much better white and amber colors and also allow an additional range of adjustment.
At Pifemaster Productions, all of our fixtures contain RGBWA diodes offering the most available color choice of any up-lighting fixture currently available.

What colors are not able to be used?

As mentioned above, there are literally millions of colors available. However, there are a few colors that can not be displayed with up-lights. These colors are browns, blacks, silvers and grays. An easy rule of thumb is that you can choose “Any Color in The Rainbow”. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we will be happy to guide you. We will gladly discuss your color ideas with you so that we can provide you with the perfect color.
At Pifemaster Productions, you can choose “any color in the rainbow” to be displayed by our up-lights.

What if I change my mind about the color selection on the day of the event?

Most of the cheaper rental companies must set the color on each individual up-lighting fixture prior to placing the fixture in the room. This makes last minute changes difficult if not impossible. With our wireless computer controlled fixtures you will never need to worry! All color selections are instantly adjustable and the changes are applied in real time. This allows the flexibility to see how the lighting looks with the rest of your decor and then make last minute tweaks to obtain the perfect color match.
At Pifemaster Productions, all of our up-lights are wireless computer controlled and last minute color changes are always welcome.

What brand and model fixture are you using?

This is the trickiest question of all. Because, unless you know what to look for, you won’t know how to make a proper comparison. But it is a very important concern. Many rental companies are taking the cheap way out and buying inexpensive imported knock-offs. The problem is that these fixtures are not as bright and the colors are not as saturated and simply will not color a room adequately. In addition to knock-offs, many of the fixtures sold by reputable companies right here in the USA were designed to hit certain price points and therefore use inferior components. Prices of LED up-lighting fixtures range from $49.00 to over $1000.00 per fixture.
At Pifemaster Productions, we use a top-of-the-line fixture sold by the best lighting manufacture in the US – The Cube 5 RGBWA DMX from Eternal Lighting LLC. This fixture has a cost of $749.00 per fixture.

Make no mistake, our state-of-the-art up-lighting fixtures were considerably more expensive for us to purchase, but the quality difference is amazing. Browse through our up-lighting media gallery and I’m sure you will agree.

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