Up-lighting Color Picker

Choos the color for your up-lighting

All of our LED up-lighting systems are capable of being programmed to compliment your specific wedding colors, giving us the ability to perfectly blend our lighting designs with your color scheme. Everything from bold deep hues, to soft pastels, can be created to compliment your color scheme and personal style. Below you will find a color picker that will help in choosing the perfect color for your up-lighting.

HEX Color Code Generator

  1. Drag the black bar on the “Hue” selector to generate the desired base color.
  2. Next, double click inside the “Brightness / Saturation” grid to activate the cursor. Drag it until the desired brightness is achieved. The “Swatch” bar shows you the final color result.
  3. The hex color code is generated at the bottom of the grid in the “Hex” box. Simply write the 6 digit hex code on your planning worksheets. ie. #000000
  4. Since not all colors display well on all surfaces, I would suggest choosing a second “Alternate” color that we may use if the first choice does not properly compliment your overall color scheme.
  5. The Color Code generator is “Flash” based, so it will not work on iPhones or iPads.

Watch the video below of popular up-lighting colors

Popular Up-lighting Colors


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