Top Songs From 1941 - Popular Music Charts For 1941

Check Out These Popular Songs From 1941 And Include Them At Your Event

Below is a collection of the top songs from 1941. This music was popular amongst DJs and disc jockeys in 1941. If you are planning an event or celebration, you may want include music from 1941. Most of these songs can be found online for purchase as .mp3 music files. Hopefully, you will find this list of top party songs of 1941 helpful.
Please note: We do not sell music or offer .mp3 music downloads.

1. Stardust, Artie Shaw
2. String of Pearls, Glenn Miller
3. Summit Ridge Drive, Artie Shaw
4. You Made Me Love You, Harry James
5. Dancing In The Dark, Artie Shaw
6. Take The “A” Train, Duke Ellington
7. You Are My Sunshine, Wayne King
8. God Bless The Child, Billie Holiday
9. Chattanooga Choo Choo, Glenn Miller
10. Piano Concerto In B Flat, Freddy Martin

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