The White BarnI am asked on a regular basis “What is your favorite wedding venue” and every time I answer, the White Barn is always at the top of my list.

I have performed at this venue numerous times and I can see why so many couples choose the White Barn for their wedding ceremony and reception. It’s really the best of all worlds. While it is rustic, it is also modern, spacious, and classy, and might I add, upscale, which is so refreshing.

The White Barn is situated on a beautiful 200 acre country estate in Prospect Pennsylvania. Conveniently located just 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh (only 2 turns after getting off of I-79), the property features magnificent views and a rolling terrain.

From the moment you arrive, the first thing you will notice is that there is plenty of free, well-lit parking. The barn is also fully handicap accessible on both the upper and lower level. At the rear of the barn is a beautiful lily pond featuring a newly constructed gazebo that makes a breathtaking backdrop for an on-site wedding ceremony.

One of the biggest advantages that I normally explain to couples is that the barn is air conditioned. The fact that it is air conditioned makes it so comfortable for everyone involved. This is something that most couples don’t think about until it’s too late. If you have never been to a non-air conditioned barn wedding when it is 80 degrees outside, trust me, it is not a pleasant experience. At the White Barn, it’s cool sailing rather than a sweaty get-down.

Also, unlike typical barns, the hardwood flooring is new and free of spacing and cracks so you don’t have to worry about getting your heels stuck in the flooring!

The White Barn has a seating capacity of 250-280 depending on the layout you choose. There are multiple restrooms on both the upper and lower level of the barn. This is a huge benefit since your guests will not have to walk outside in the rain to use a porta-potty like some other venues.

I could continue to write for hours about all of the reasons why you want to consider the White Barn for your wedding, but just take my word for it and go check them out. Believe me, these positive details turn into big deals as far as comfort for your guests (and DJ) on your wedding day.

There are only a few venues that I highly recommend, and White Barn is at the top of the list!

It’s definitely a first-class operation!

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The White Barn in Prospect

Inside The White Barn

Ceremony at The White Barn

Bride & Groom at The White Barn

Videos of some Weddings at the White Barn where I was the DJ