Pittsburgh Version of Empire State Of Mind

For the past couple of months we have been playing “Empire State Of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at events we DJ. The song has become quite popular and never fails to fill the dance floor.

Well, a couple of weeks ago B94 hit the airwaves with their own version of the song titled “Steel State Of Mind“. The B94 version features Pittsburgh instead of New York City.

Listen to the song below and be sure to leave a comment to tell us what you think.

Pittsburgh Version - Steel State of Mind


  1. L.O.V.E. I.T!!!!

  2. Get it B94

  3. I LOVE this version~where can it be purchased?

    • Char,

      You can download the Pittsburgh version of Empire State of Mind from the download link on this page. The link is just below the picture of Alica Keys & Jay-Z.

      Happy Holidays,
      Robert Pfeifer
      Pifemaster Productions

  4. yawn yawn… basically you are saying you are second best by biting the original… right? sorry don’t want to be negative but I originality would go a bit further.

  5. Not too shabby. Could be longer though. Kinda hurts the song missing the breakdown. “One hand in the air for the Steel City” would sound awesome. or “Six rings in the air for the Steel City.”

  6. Omg I luv this song. I have only been here two yrs and i must say this song ROCKS.
    gave me chills I luv it!

  7. I love it, but who is singing it?

  8. Can we get the words to the song?

  9. I just wanted to see the words– aren’t they posted anywhere?

  10. i think the rapper is a dj named kobe for b94. i also LOVE this song

  11. who sings this song

  12. love the song but who sings this song

  13. Have been looking for this version…thanks so much for posting it. First part is great: if you can drive around here, you can make it any-where. So true, everywhere else is a breeze to get around. lol

  14. I like it a lot, it’s on point. I lived there 23 years but I’ve been in Miami now for 22 years and I like the weather and Miami version better :-)

  15. Love It!!!!!

  16. i love this, this is so awesome i will be downloading this and putting it on my phone as a ring tone if i can

  17. Love it and have been looking for it for weeks. However when I tied to download it it only downloaded the first 4 seconds did anyone else have this problem?

    • Angie,

      I am not sure why you were having trouble with the download. I just tried the link and it is working fine for me. I emailed you a copy of the song. Hopefully, that will help.

      Thank you,
      Robert Pfeifer
      Pifemaster Productions

  18. I LOVE THIS SONG! Just a tip, it let me download it using IE, not Chrome, so check your browser if you have an issue. And thanks for the song!!

  19. I love this, i would like to buy it on hard copy, where is it selling? Also, post the words, i wanna know exactly what they are saying, classic tho, i am a burgher, born and raised.

  20. Lovin it

  21. Classic!! Love it, the artists did the song justice.

  22. wow this is good go pens!!!!!!

  23. song kicks butt, like both versions but this one feels good when you hear it,talking about our PITTSBURGH STEELERS.Awsome!!

  24. I am a native New Yorker, but went to PITT & I am a big fan of both versions!


  26. Luv, Luv, Luv it!!

  27. I LOVE both versions of this song… I have no problem understanding the lyrics…

  28. I loved hearing it mixed (newyork & pittsburgh) on the radio but can’t seem to find that download anywhere. Or did you just have them back to back?

  29. Where can we find the printed lyrics??? This is just the best! I miss my Pittsburgh!