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Details related to the highlight videos captured by Pifemaster Productions


In 2013, we began offering our wedding clients the ability to have us capture video footage of their wedding, which is then edited and posted online. We offer this as an add-on to our wedding package.

The benefit to our wedding clients, is that they receive a low cost highlight video of their wedding day, captured in high definition. Since many couples opt not to hire a professional videographer, our highlight video is often the only video footage of their special day.

Below you will find a list of FAQ’s regarding our online highlight videos.

Where Can I See Examples Of The Online Highlight Videos?

You can view all of our online highlight videos in our blog by clicking here.

How Soon After My Wedding Will The Video be Online?

That depends on the time of the year and on how many weddings we have on a particular weekend. Usually, I tell clients that their video will be online 7-10 days following their wedding. Often times it is sooner, but occasionally it may take a little longer if we have 3 weddings that weekend.

Is There A Cost Involved For The Online Highlight Video?

The highlight video can be added to our DJ Entertainment package at a very low cost. Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Do You Include Our Name When You Post The Video Online?

We respect the privacy of our wedding clients. Starting in 2013, we began omitting our client’s last name from blog posts and from the actual video itself. By default, we only include the first name of the bride & groom. This makes it impossible for someone to search for your last name and locate your wedding video.

If your video was posted online prior to September 2013 and you would prefer NOT to have your last name associated with the video, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly remove your last name so that your video is not searchable.

Will You Also Capture Our Wedding Ceremony On Video?

If your ceremony & reception are held at the same location and we are providing either ceremony music, or wireless microphones for the ceremony, then we will gladly capture video footage of your wedding ceremony. However, if your ceremony is held at a church, or if we are not providing ceremony music, or wireless microphones for the ceremony, then we will not be able to capture video footage of the ceremony.

Do We Still Need To Hire A Professional Videographer?

That is a question only you can answer, but here are some points to consider.

  • How important is a wedding video to you and your fiancée?
  • Would you have hired a videographer if we were not already capturing the highlight video?
  • We suggest you watch several of the highlight videos on our website to ensure that the videos we provide include everything you would want captured from your wedding day.
  • Will your wedding ceremony be held at a church and is video footage of the wedding ceremony important to you? If the ceremony is held at a church, we will not be able to include the ceremony in your highlight video.
  • Does our video style meet your needs?
Do You Record Everything At Our Wedding?

The short answer is NO. Please keep in mind that the reason you hire us, is to provide wedding entertainment. Our main focus is providing you with the best possible entertainment and at several times during your event, this takes 100% focus and attention to detail. Therefore, during these times, we are not able to capture video footage. Here are a list of events that we are NOT able to capture and include in your highlight video.

  • Processionals During The Wedding Ceremony
  • Formal Introductions
  • Toasts & Blessing
  • Anniversary Dance
  • Bouquet & Garter Toss
  • Dollar Dance

If it is important for you to have video footage of any of the above listed events, then you will definitely want to hire a professional videographer, or at the very least arrange to have a friend or family member capture those events on video.

If you will be including something unique at your wedding and you would like for us to attempt to record and include it in your highlight video, please discuss it with us during the planning process and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do You Have More Video Footage Than What You Put Online?

When we edit our highlight videos, we try to include all USEABLE video footage in the final video. Sometimes video footage is un-usable due to subjects being out of focus, overexposed, underexposed, or someone may inadvertently walk in front of the video camera while we are recording. In these situations the un-usable footage is edited out of the final video.

If there is something that you do not see in the final video, it means we were not able to capture it, or the footage was un-usable.

What If We Want A Physical Copy Of Our Highlight Video?

Once your highlight video has been posted online, you may decide that you would like to obtain a physical copy of the digital file to retain as a keepsake, or to upload online yourself. We will gladly provide you with a copy of the HD video file at no charge.

All of the videos that are embedded on our website are uploaded to a streaming service called Vimeo. Vimeo offers the ability to download a copy of videos hosted on their platform. However, I keep this functionality turned off by default. This is done to prevent other DJ’s from downloading my videos and using them to promote their own business (crazy, but you would not believe how often it has happened).

When you are ready to download a copy of your video file, simply contact me and I will temporarily enable a download link for your video. As soon as you have downloaded the file, reply back to me and I will once again disable downloading of that file to prevent unauthorized use.

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