On Saturday we were at the Green Oaks Country Club in Verona Pennsylvania. The event was a Bat Mitzvah for Ella. Back in 2009, we had the privilege of providing DJ service for Eliza’s (Ella’s older sister) Bat Mitzvah and we were delighted that they had us back for another celebration.

Guests began arriving at the Green Oaks Country Club at 7:00 pm. The adults enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as we entertained the kids with a contests and dancing. At 8:00 pm all of the guests were seated prior to dinner. Dinner was prepared by the staff at Green Oaks Country Club and was served buffet style. After dinner, we invited all of the kids to take a seat on the dance floor where they watched an 8 minute photo montage featuring Ella.

Throughout the remainder of the evening, guests danced to the sounds of DJ Pifemaster until the Bat Mitzvah ended at 11:00 pm.