Disc Jockey Party Props

Party props can add excitement to your event.
To enhance the enjoyment of your celebration and help create lasting memories, we highly recommend the addition of party props at your next event. These party props were specially chosen for use with various crowd participation activities, that are orchestrated by our highly skilled disc jockeys. Plus, your guests get to keep these items at the end of the evening, giving them a small memento from your event

Disc Jockey Party PropsThrough the years, we have used countless different party props, from several different manufactures. Located below is a collection of party props that we have found to work the best. Although this page contains some of the most popular party props, many other items are also available.

Click on the item names below to be taken to the Rhode Island Novelty website, where you will be able to view current pricing and availability. We have checked pricing at many different suppliers and I am sure you will find Rhode Island Novelty’s prices to be very competitive. Please be sure to order your party props several weeks in advance of your event date, to insure the particular items you want are available. Rhode Island Novelty generally has all of the below products in stock, but they do occasionally run out.

If you need help in choosing party props for your next event, please feel free to phone us and we will gladly assist you in the process.


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